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      Below you’ll find most of the Frequently Asked Questions. Is your question not among them? Then please contact our Customer Service.

      Customer service

      Phone: +31 78 618 2278
      E-mail: orders@anointingoil.org


      In which countries do you deliver?
      We deliver in every nation on earth.

      From where is my order shipped?
      Your order will be shipped from New Kensington, PA (USA). Shipping costs are calculated from the USA, using the United States Postal Service. You will receive a track & trace code when your order is shipped.

      Where can I find the status of my order?
      The status of your order can be found in your account. If you choose not to create an account, the status updates will be send to your e-mail address.

      When will my package be delivered?
      The delivery time depends on from what nation you're ordering. We normally ship your order the same or the next business day. From that moment you will be able to follow your package, with the USPS track & trace code we provide you with.

      My track & trace code is not working well. What should I do?
      It is possible that the track & trace code doesn’t work immediately. This code is automatically generated when your shipment is prepared. At the post office your shipment is scanned and after that it can take a few hours before it becomes visible online. If the problem still occurs after 12 hours, please contact us.

      How can I choose a different delivery address?
      This can be done during the Checkout process, where you can choose to have a different billing and shipment address.

      Is it possible to pay afterwards at The Anointing Oil Shop?
      No, it is not possible to buy on credit. All payments need to be done in advance.

      What must I do when the payment failed?
      First check if the amount really wasn’t charged from your account. If that is the case, you can try it again. If your credit card fails, you should contact your bank. If you need other help, feel free to contact our Customer Service.

      Is it true that only the elders and (Church) leaders are allowed to use Anointing Oil?
      No, that is not true. Everyone can and is allowed to use it. In the time that Jesus walked on earth, this was a very common use among the people. In the case of anointing the sick, the Bible does mention to first call the elders and that you have to ask them to anoint the sick person and to pray for that person. But after that you can keep anointing yourself in faith.

      When can I use Anointing Oil?
      Anointing Oil is a product that was used throughout the whole Bible, during prayer, intercession, worship, for healing, cleansing, purification, deliverance, dedication and consecration. It certainly is not limited to ‘just’ anointing the sick. We advise you to read the studies on this topic.

      What is Anointing Oil?
      Anointing Oil consists mainly of olive oil, produced from the first pressing. This is also called “virgin oil” and can be considered as the best quality. To that oil a fragrance oil is added, which creates the Anointing Oil.

      Is Anointing Oil a medicament?
      No, Anointing Oil is not a drug, nor that it has special powers. We advise you not to use it instead of your medication. Anointing Oil is a tool for your faith. Anointing is a prophetic deed of our faith in the accomplished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since it is an act of faith, we advise you to read the studies on this topic and to test everything according to the Scriptures. Faith only comes from the Word of God. Only then you can start acting according to your faith.