Throughout the years, many people have asked us questions about the Anointing and the (use of) Anointing Oil. On this page you'll find 14 of the most asked questions and the answers. 

  1. Who is allowed to use Anointing Oil?
  2. How do I use Anointing Oil for personal use?
  3. What are the different types of Anointing?
  4. When can Anointing Oil be used?
  5. What can Anointing Oil be used for?
  6. What is the meaning of Anointing Oil?
  7. What are the various types of natural Anointing?
  8. Can I use Anointing Oil for breakthroughs?
  9. What kind of Anointing Oil fragrance should I use?
  10. Is Anointing Oil meant for the last rites?
  11. Should I be afraid of Anointing Oil?
  12. What happens in the spiritual realm when I use Anointing Oil?
  13. Is Anointing Oil a powerful spiritual weapon?
  14. Do I need to use Anointing Oil with a fragrance?

God bless you!