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      "There was a moment in the life of Jesus, when the Holy Spirit led Him into the desert, to be tempted by the enemy. It wasn’t  , it was the Spirit of God. And the Spirit of God knew exactly what would happen there. He knew that the enemy would come and He knew what the enemy would do. That doesn’t seem to make sense, now does it? Yet it makes perfect sense. The Holy Spirit knew that Jesus was ready for that test. In the spiritual world faith means nothing, until it succeeds the test."

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      Subtitles in other languages

      We have published this video with English and Dutch subtitles, but we are looking for people who want to help us to spread this message in other languages as well. Can you help us? All you need is a Google account. If you want to help, click here to start translating the subtitles into your language. Thank you and God bless you!