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      "Many Christians are still assuming that the Anointing is just one thing, one act. We’ve heard the teachings that the Anointing is the image of the Holy Spirit, which is absolutely true, but the Holy Spirit came to do a lot of things. He doesn’t limit Himself to just one task. So when we’re talking about Anointing, that can be for many purposes, which can also be seen in the Bible. When Anointing Oil is used, it needs a purpose and it needs faith in that purpose."

      Learn more about Anointing and Anointing Oil

      If you want to know more about Anointing and Anointing Oil, then you should really read "The Anointed Bride", which is a book that contains everything about the basics of Anointing and Anointing Oil. Click here to order your copy now!

      Subtitles in other languages

      We have published this video with English and Dutch subtitles, but we are looking for people who want to help us to spread this message in other languages as well. Can you help us? All you need is a Google account. If you want to help, click here to start translating the subtitles into your language. Thank you and God bless you!