This is a true story like you probably haven't heard before. Born and raised in a Christian family, Robin grew up in Church and heard all about the gospel. Yet in his teenage years he decided to start a search into the occult, which eventually would cause him to surrender his life to satan. Caught in a life of lies, destruction and sin, it drove him to the point where he wanted to commit suicide. Until he met Jesus. He decided to turn his life around and started to follow Jesus, but from there the battle was far from over.

In this book Robin takes you on a journey through his life, through the good and the bad, while revealing his mistakes and failures, in a way like you seldom see these days. No political correctness, no keeping up appearances, but a real and vulnerable man, facing real battles. From being bullied most of his childhood, to a life of hate and plotting revenge, to following Jesus. From following Jesus to falling back into sins, to getting back up again, to falling back, to getting back up. The battle was enormous and the struggle was immense. While sharing his failures, he also shares about the lessons he has learned from it, which gives you insight in the way the enemy tries to ensnare you and how you can arm yourself against it.

Even though he came from a life of being humiliated, being beaten, being spit at, being scammed and being rejected, he choose to live a life of forgiveness and love. As you're about to see, that didn't come easy. In fact, it had nothing to do with the way he felt. There's still a God Who saves, heals, delivers and restores. The Blood of Jesus hasn't lost its power. Freedom is within reach.

Language: English
Binding method: Paperback
Edition: 1st edition
Publication date: August 4, 2019
Number of pages: 394 pages
Illustrations: No
ISBN number: 9781081299385
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